2013 Phat Vine Charbono

  • Tasting Notes

    Gorgeous magenta core, scarlet rim, and shimmering gemstone clarity. Nose is rich with English lavender, violet, sage, and star apple, followed by ripe tropical fruits, yarrow, subtle anise, and tamarind. Slight earthy funk of aged brie dissipates as it breathes, opening to reveal complex, intriguing umami qualities. Mouthfeel is dense and rich, medium-plus body with silky smooth texture and ultra-fine tannins. A true shape-shifter, this wine’s in-glass evolution is a joy to behold. Drink now through 2030.

  • Specs
    • Composition
      100% Charbono
    • Appellation
      Napa Valley
    • Barrel Aging
      16 months in 50/50 French/American Oak, 50% New
    • Alcohol by vol.
    • Production
      250 cases in 12 x 750ml format
  • Background

    David’s first batch of homebrew wine was produced in our onetime root cellar, now the foyer to our wine cave. Twenty-odd years ago he deposited a batch of our zinfandel grapes into an antique wine press that he then arm-wrestled into submission, whereupon it yielded an experimental batch of grape juice that became the unofficial first-ever vintage of Brown zin. While that landmark trial was fermenting, David, who until then had been farming and selling our fruit, imagined the possibilities… right down to a working title — or code name, as we like to say — for his soon-to-be first production as a fledgling winemaker. He called it “Phat Vine,” and we've revived the moniker for our revolving "winemaker's pleasure" series.

    For the full back story, click here.

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