2010 Duppy Conqueror Port-Style Dessert Wine

  • Tasting Notes

    This viscous wine clings to the glass, a captivating abyss of darkness encircled by a tantalizing magenta rim. One steady swirl and a deep pink stain washes over the bowl creating a psychedelic pattern all its own. Simultaneously a profound bouquet fills the glass and spills into the room, a subtle explosion of fragrance opening with spun brown sugar, eucalyptus, toffee covered apples, brandied maraschino cherries, and currants topped with Chantilly cream. Further investigation uncovers deeper notes of dark chocolate, bay, and forest pine. Cohesion between the petite sirah and zinfandel brandy is most evident on the palate, where the two become one. Mouthfeel is everything the nose implies yet surprisingly dry. Drink now through the end of time.

  • Specs
    • Composition
      100% Petite Sirah fortified by Estate Zinfandel Brandy
    • Vineyard Source - Petite Sirah
      Petite Sirah: Classified
      Brandy: Brown Estate – Mickey's Block (2002)
    • Appellation
      Napa Valley
    • Barrel Aging
      30 months in 100% seasoned French oak
    • Alcohol
      19.5% by vol.
    • Production
      500 cases in 12 x 375ml format
  • Background

    In Jamaican folklore a duppy (rhymes with “puppy”) is a ghost, or spirit if you will. Graced by our Uncle Buntin’s original artwork depicting his duppy fantasy, this wine is named for a mythological “ghost buster,” also memorialized in Bob Marley’s song of the same name.

    Time in the bottle imparts grace, maturity, softening, and openness to any good bottle of wine, but fortified dessert wines, whose lifespans are lengthened dramatically by the addition of distilled spirits, can achieve transcendent levels of refinement and nuance as they lie in wait for their moment to shine. Such is the case with our petite sirah based double-estate dessert wine.

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