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Spring 2015
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Our quarterly newsletter, a.k.a. the BE Paper, is our second favorite thing we produce here at Brown Estate. Its origins are perhaps best conveyed by an excerpt from the letter we printed in the first issue (Winter 2010):

Some of you will remember from way back our homespun “snail mail” offerings of new releases, and the now “old school” way of faxing in your orders. When we began selling our wines on our website in the fall of 2005, we phased out our paper mailers. After a few vintages debuted and then sold out online, we heard rumblings that you were nostalgic for the tactile and visual warmth of paper. We discovered this year that we were too.

We generate the content in-house, aided and abetted by photographers Carolyn Corley Burgess and Randy Reyes. Graphic designer Chris Fettin puts it all together for us, and our printer, Sloane Creedon at New Leaf Press, sees it through to completion.

We appreciate your interest and invite you to click the links below to access PDF versions. The BE Paper is published quarterly, and Brown Estate wine club members receive a hard copy of each issue in your corresponding allocations.

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